Thursday, December 20, 2012

Northern Lapwing (Finally)

Over the past month I have agonized over all the sightings of Lapwings that arrived in Massachusetts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and associated weather systems.  The bird in Bridgewater alone remained to taunt me, and today I finally was clear enough from the semester and endless grading and family obligations to go down and see it.  Driving along Summer St., I spotted a pullout with a car by a corn field and figured this must be it.  I pulled up, looked to my right, and saw the lapwing, not 50 feet away.  As I got out, ambling up the road was the inimitable and indefatigable and helpful Bob Lessard, who has directed countless twitchers to the bird and daily checks on its status.  Here's to you, Bob!

There were also two Harriers working the fields, an adult male, and this "pumpkin" juvenile.

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