Monday, March 31, 2014

Wild Goose Season in Concord: White-Fronted and Barnacle

Concord's location along the Sudbury and Concord rivers, as well as ample farm land, continues to draw in good geese.  Last fall we had a poor goose season due to weather, but we are making up for it this spring.

Chuck Johnson found a Greater White-Fronted goose a week ago on the Concord River by Great Meadows NWR, and while it has been hit or miss, many have seen it. As of 3/30 it has been hanging out in the fields by the old sewage treatment plant by Great Meadows.

Today, March 31, I found a Barnacle Goose by pure chance by the parking lot at Verrill Farm; as I pulled up it was the first bird I saw, but so far it it has not been relocated. Some record shots:

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