Monday, January 13, 2014


On Saturday January 11th the Winstanleys found a deer carcass on the ice just below the bridge at Lowell Rd. and Liberty St.  On the carcass were three bald eagles, fighting over what was left, presumably after coyotes had gotten there first.  I arrived a few hours later to find a sub-adult eagle perched above the carcass.  It left, and very quickly a red-shouldered hawk showed up.  It was raining and foggy, thus the lousy shot.

One of the adults soon returned to have another go (compare size with the RSHA):

The juvenile then flew back in, and you can see its underwing coloring and uneven length flight feathers in the banner picture above.

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Cherrie said...

Hats off to the Winstanley bros again! I spotted that large dark mass on the river as I was sailing over the bridge that week but was too busy to get back and see. Thanks for posting these and finally satisfying my burning curiosity. Wow!