Monday, January 7, 2013

He's Everywhere!

Our man Ludlow G. has had a busy first week in his virtual 2013 Concord Big Year, and has birded with some good company, including Cole Winstanley, David Sibley, Lucas Hale, Chuck Johnson, Willy Hutcheson, Connie Schlotterbeck, Gian Fabbri, and Will Martens, Kathy Dia, and the rest of the Great Meadows weekly survey crew.  

If we had any doubts about what the great man might be like in his Web 2.0 incarnation, he's an inveterate lister, twitcher, and die-hard eBirder.  You see it, and he's there.  He has had a hankering to see the Gyrfalcon, but he's sticking to the rules (although he cheated and went for Canvasbacks at Fresh Pond).

This week he spent a lot of time at Kaveski Farm looking at sparrows, redpolls, and looking for shrikes with several parties.  He saw a Wood Duck on Jan. 1 and a continuing Rufous Hummingbird at a private residence (he knows people who know people); he's also seen Pine Grosbeaks and Common Ravens at Middlesex School.

As of this morning, Ludlow is at 55 species in Concord, not bad for a newly-plugged-in old timer!

Thanks to all who have contributed to the project.  The hope is to explore all the nooks and crannies of Concord through many eyes and reach 200 species.

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