Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Birding: Looking for Skulkers

With the start of the new semester, I've had no time to post, and little time to bird.  This past week I decided, in my limited time, to focus on thickets near water and look for skulkers. Fall birding can be hit-or-miss, but with the recent weather change conditions were right for migrants, and I located two Canada Warblers, one at the famous Wayland Community Garden in the buckthorn/grape thicket, another along the Edge Trail at Great Meadows Concord.  While Canadas do breed in Massachusetts, they are rarely seen in Spring, so these might not be true migrants but post-breeding-dispersal birds. I find warblers in any season challenging, and these were only the second and third Canada's I'd ever seen.  The learning curve (about which I hope to write soon) continues!

Meantime, on the subject of Fall birding, eBird has posted a great primer on how to understand weather and migration patterns to anticipate Fall migrants.  Essential reading!

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